Upgrade your body

I think regular exercise improves our mind, body, and longevity. But lack of sufficient exercise can have a significant impact on what's going on in our bodies and the future of our health.

Exercise doesn't happen by itself. If you want to upgrade your body, then self-discipline is essential. If you are lacking self-discipline and continually fail, then you should focus on skills.

Skills are actionable. Are you good at endurance, recovery and breath control? What kind of skill are you trying to improve? If you figure that out, there are a bunch of ways to do it.

You’ve probably heard of accountability buddies. Find people who help one another stay motivated and on track. Accountability buddies are essential for long term results.

Our body is a wonderful machine. With this idea in mind, I want people to start engaging and start using their bodies.

Improving in one area of life automatically triggers a desire for improvements in another.

Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen.

Then make it more!