Go make it!

October 2019

I truly believe that it's far more important to do more things together, rather than to speak more. Let’s be honest, life is short. And if we do things with people who matter, then we have a beautiful life. It's what we do together, not what we say.

A simple idea could be hard to digest, but our relationships are all there is. Let’s be honest: shared experiences don’t just create life, they generate possibilities to discover our true self. And I think that’s way more important.

When you discover yourself, you are free to do anything you want and to be who you are, free to live without a mask. A key to freedom is how deeply we understand ourselves and perceive the world around us. This is because a meaningful human connection comes from self-awareness. "This is me. This is who I am." If you know who you are, freedom can be achieved.

I believe that we all have that natural gift - freedom. Freedom to be vulnerable, open, and authentic. Reveal your inner self to others, no matter where it leads.